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Organic. Natural. Plastic Free.


Organic Cotton Label

O Tsukiyo labels are woven with 100% organic cotton by a century old, small Japanese Label company established in 1918, Fukuiken prefecture.

Sew for Good Thread_edited.jpg

Sew for Good

Shout out to Australian company Sew for Good. Stitching with their 100% GOTS certified organic cotton thread from prototype to final product. If you’re an eco sewer, head over to their website to see their extensive colour range of gorgeous thread.


Aomori Hiba

Shavings from the native Hiba tree are a by-product of the strictly protected lumber industry here in northern Japan. Historically used for temples, onsens and Japanese architecture, it remains a prized and protected wood since Edo.

Kapok Cotton Tree.jpg

Kapok: Silk Cotton Tree

A very soft, bouncy cellulose and lignin plant fibre from the seed pods of the Kapok Cotton Tree of Thailand. A natural alternative to polyester fill which is superior to cotton in softness while retaining bounciness with a resistance to flattening over time as well as water repellent. Sourced from a local brick and mortar supplier.

Cotton Interfacing.jpg


Made in Japan from Japanese cotton, sourced from a brick and mortar supplier. Some obi and kimono are constructed with sewn-in cotton interfacing which are upcycled along with the outer cloth.

Coconut Buttons.jpg


100% earth based buttons such as coconut or wood.

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