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Designer & Founder

Full Moon rising behind pink clouds

Tsukiyo - a moonlit night. The Moon, my muse, embodies the beauty of endless natural rhythms & cycles. 


One woman owned and operated home-based eco studio, O Tsukiyo, 

founded in 2018

by Sarah Armstrong


I said goodbye to my Australian life in 2015 to join my husband in his home metropolis, Tokyo. Currently residing within the famous snow and apple region of Japan, Aomori, until our return someday.

It was here, at the beginning of our simpler life in the Japanese countryside that I chanced upon unloved yet still beautiful and functional kimono cloths.


These cloths moved me to combine my love of nature and sustainability with my fashion design tailoring by creating new forms that could be re-loved and reused in daily life. 

Inspired by traditional Japanese crafts and in homage of the old Edo eco culture of upcycling kimono cloth, O Tsukiyo aims to showcase the beauty there is to find in weathered, imperfect materials and the endless potential of forgotten cloth.

Signed Sarah


Fashion Design and Technology

MSIT Queensland Australia

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