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Product Care

Hand wash vector art



Gentle hand wash only when absolutely necessary with cool water

  • Spot clean when possible

  • Use mild, gentle, eco safe detergent suitable for silks or delicates


Wet wash alternative

Steam with hand steamer or iron steam setting while hanging to freshen 

Dry cleaning not required ✕


Do not bleach ✕


Free of charge. excluding shipping costs. 

Want to repair it yourself? Cloth patches are sent with your order and more can be sent for free.

Line dry in shade vector art



Drip drying helps prevent creases forming.

  •  drip dry in shade, on hanger or line


Do not exposed to direct sunlight ✕


Do not tumble dry ✕


Do not wring by twisting ✕

steam iron vector art



Iron only when needed

  • iron with pressing cloth to protect product fabric



Hand steamer or hot iron steam setting when semi/dry to remove creases

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