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Behind the Design

Upcycle cloth vector art

Unloved Cloth Reloved

The art of upcycling cloth has a rich history in Japan, with kimono and obi systematically transformed into practical items since the Edo period. These textiles underwent countless reincarnations until they could only serve as kindling, returning to the earth as ash in the fields.


Tremendous time, energy, and resources are devoted to creating new fabrics. By following the upcycling path and extending the lifespan of existing materials, new forms can be forged while lessening our impact on the planet.


Breathing new life into pre-existing cloth means appreciating the beauty of aging and working within the realm of imperfection and use: striking a harmonious balance between design, practicality, and functionality.


O Tsukiyo cloth is sourced from recycle stores across Japan, predominantly from local sources. Comprising of silk, wool, rayon, and various natural blends, these fabrics are carefully selected.


Due to the limited nature of these textiles, we create only one-of-a-kind, made-to-order pieces. This approach minimizes waste, ensuring that we produce only what is ordered.


No two pieces are ever identical. Each creation boasts a unique combination of fabrics and pattern placement, resulting in a piece crafted exclusively for you.

Bio degradable vector art
Eco conscious vector art

100% Plastic Free

Just as you aim to avoid plastics, I’m committed to it too. My creations are proudly 100% plastic-free, crafted entirely from natural fabrics that return to the earth’s cycle in a matter of weeks, not decades.


In alignment with this ethos, I never upcycle synthetic, petroleum-based fabrics like polyester, ensuring our waterways and environment remain free from the harm of microfibers.


Every component, from labels and thread to fusing/interfacing, stuffing, and buttons, is plant-based. There are no zippers or other hardware; instead, I incorporate folds, knots, and wraps for easy mending and a predictable end-of-life journey.


In the future, I plan to conduct in-depth research to determine the exact compostable timeframe of O Tsukiyo pieces, providing transparency about their natural biodegradation process. Stay tuned for updates on this front!


At O Tsukiyo, environmental awareness is at the very heart of my mission. In an era where the world is shifting towards producing less and cherishing what we already possess, an in-house circular economy and a ‘zero waste’ design approach is embraced within my studio. Any waste generated, even very little is diligently composted.


My mission is to challenge the prevailing throwaway culture by offering meticulously upcycled pieces made from existing cloth that are not only materially and functionally beautiful but also ethically sound.


While I never intend for O Tsukiyo pieces to outlast their ephemeral life cycle, I do hope they become cherished treasures that accompany you for years, even generations, serving as beloved heirlooms that seamlessly integrate into an eco-conscious lifestyle. My commitment is to show that sustainability and craft can coexist harmoniously. I firmly believe that style should never come at the expense of our planet.

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