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Behind the Design



At O Tsukiyo, my mission is deeply inspired by the rich eco-culture of the Edo period in Japan. Just as artisans of that time transformed kimono and obi into practical items, I continue this tradition by upcycling existing unloved cloth into unique pieces that honor the past while embracing a sustainable future. Through a circular economy and 'zero waste' design approach, I ensure that every aspect of my creations aligns with this ethos.


Plastic Free

My commitment to sustainability extends to every component of my creations. From natural textiles sourced from recycle stores across Japan to carefully selected earth based materials for labels, buttons, and more, each element is thoughtfully chosen to minimize environmental impact. For a deeper dive into the natural materials I use, visit my Components page, where you can learn more about the origins and properties of the materials that make up my one-of-a-kind pieces.



While my creations are not intended to outlast their intended life cycle, I envision them becoming cherished treasures for generations, seamlessly integrating into an eco-conscious lifestyle. Through transparency and continuous improvement, I strive to show that sustainability and craft can coexist harmoniously, just as they did in the eco-conscious culture of Edo Japan. Together, let's embrace a world where style never comes at the expense of our planet.


Growing Impact

As I continue to grow as an artist, I am committed to expanding my impact beyond my own creations. In the future, I plan to allocate a portion of my proceeds to support organizations that align with my mission of environmental consciousness and sustainability. By contributing to initiatives and causes that promote eco-consciousness and protect our planet, I aim to amplify the positive change we can make together. Stay tuned for updates on this front as I strive to deepen my commitment to a more sustainable and harmonious world.

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